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Weekly Marketing Tips

ZimClassifieds – ZimMarket – Musika Mukuru – Umkambo Omkhulu

New Year Message : 2013

We take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients for their continued and unflinching support for our Zimbabwean group of classifieds websites. It is at this time of the year that we are re-focus and re-dedicating all our efforts towards the provision of a superior and unparalleled service to our clients, a service that has proved to be unmatched not only in Zimbabwe, SADC region but also throughout the rest of Africa. All major search engines on the world wide web have ranked us among the top performing classifieds during the last year, hence our popularity.

We are re-doubling our promotional efforts for our ZimMarket – Musika Mukuru – Umkambo Omkhulu Group websites so that we maintain the incredible top ranking that we have managed to achieve within a space of only 6 months of our existence on the Zimbabwean classifieds arena. We have certainly become a force to reckon with on the Zimbabwe Online classifieds market as well as on the continental and world arena.

To our existing clients, we salute you and acknowledge the fact that we would not have achieved this status without your steadfast and unwavering support. To our new clients we would like to assure you positive results for your business through our dynamic group of websites and reiterate that we are always available to assist your post or upload your products text and images on our websites. Just call the numbers on our webpage and you will be glad you did.

Once more we wish you the best and a resounding success in your businesses in the year 2013. May the almighty God hugely bless you.

ZimClassifieds – ZimMarket Group – MasTechnologies
www.zimmarket.com www.facebook.com/ZimMarket




“We did not invent online classifieds – we only made them available to you.”



Musika Mukuru we Zimbabwe | ZimMarket – Zimbabwe Market Place


We uniquely identify ourselves from the rest of the pack by who we are – We are also proud of the fact that we are totally, purely, and resolutely Zimbabwean. We are Musika Mukuru – Zimbabwe MarketPlace – ZimMarket delivering Zimbabwe Classifieds.


We clearly stand out of the rest by interminably striving to render you superior service at its utmost – Musika Mukuru wemuZimbabwe delivering Zimbabwe Classifieds.


We areZimbabwe’s exclusive online classifieds,a comprehensive, and universal market of for virtually anything ranging from a needle to an Aircraft.


We have enhanced our classifieds brand so that our name precisely resonates with the crucial services that we offer businesses and individuals alike, hence the new and enhanced image Musika Mukuru. Our brand enhancement is also in compatible with our policies in pursuant of our overall marketing strategy of being inimitably identified as entity which is worth its salt.


Below is an unmistakable list of Musika Mukuru Classifieds Group – MasTechnologies websites











Zvanzi nevana Mbuya nana Sekuru veZimbabwe vane ma serofoni – izvi zvekuenda pa Indaneti pama kirasifayidzi tichiti – dhabhuru yu dhabhuru yu dhabhuru yu – kwete – izvo ndezve vechidiki – isu tinongonyora pa Guguru (Google Zimbabwe) kuti “Musika Mukuru” tinenge tatosvika pa pegi yekuona zvirikutengeswa pa Indaneti.



Weekly Marketing TipsBy ZimMarket – Zimbabwe Classifieds.

Musika Mukuru – ZimMarket | Dande Mutande Re Musika we Zimbabwe – ZimMarket | Zimbabwe MarketPlace – ZimMarket | Zimbabwe Market Place – ZimMarket ( call us any of these names, we do not care as long as you call on us and get what you are looking for from our website )

We are your ultimate destination when it comes to shopping and comparing prices in a situation where saving every dime is not only frugal but must be seriously considered by every family.

ZimMarket helps you to shop in the comfort of your own home, office, or in the fields ( kumunda from you cellphone) and enable you to make rational buying decisions based on price comparisons.

This might be common sense to others but it has been discovered that the commodity that is in perennial short supply is common sense.

ZimMarket is there to help you save money, in the worst case scenario, where you do not find from our website what you are looking for, just submit an Advert of what you are looking for – and you will be inundated with a barrage of suppliers willing to offer what you are looking for at prices that you can objectively compare.

We made it easy for you . Its as easy as eating Sadza!!!!.




Weekly Marketing Tips – Zimbabwe Classifieds

Ten Reasons Why We should All Advertise Or Should We ? : Part Two Of Ten Series

2) Using Advertising To Penetrate Into New Target Markets

Of course the second reason why we would equally want to advertise our products and services is because we are attempting to effectively penetrate new markets in which our products or services are currently non-existent or less well known, just as we would want to, likewise in the existing markets that we presently operate.

This type of scenario would justify a double edged sword approach to ensure the formulation of a sound and pragmatic, promotional strategy dovetailed with other marketing mix components to entice the new market.

Here we are underlining the online classifieds’ crucial advertising role in pushing your products, not only into your potential customers hands but into their hearts and minds as well, needless to say this is the perennial battle that we fight in the world of business. It is only when you can enjoy abundant voluntary repeat purchases from your customers that you are assured of thriving and sustained sales of your products and services throughout the product’s .

So last but not least make sure you do not overlook the significance of the following pieces to your sales puzzle. Namely the distribution channels of your product/service or precisely, place or point of sale, product quality, packaging, price, promotional or advertising message. It can not be over-emphasised that the preceeding sales components must carry a compelling and lasting impact to invoke your customers’ insatiable appetite for repeated purchases. It also goes without saying that Time and timing play a crucial role in the product introductory phases and its equally true throughout the product’s lifecycle.



Weekly Marketing Tips

Ten Reasons Why We should All Advertise Or Should We : Part One Of Ten



1)Educating prospects about the benefits your products or services offer.

Advertising messages that have a lifetime imprint in peoples hearts & minds

If it’s a new product or service that you are going to be offering the market, it will be most logical and prudent to accompany that product or service with objective, educative and informative material based on facts and figures. This type of information is aimed at informing the potential users about not only what the product or service offers but how differently its benefits its users compared with existing ones offered by competitors.

The areas to capitalize on are how your product or service provides superior benefits than that of your competitors. I do not how many of you of my age group still remember one of Zimbabwe’s marketing legend, Mr Paul Mukondo’s Sunday morning messages – “Hupenyu Wenyu idambudziko re Moyo wangu accompanied by the song “Itayi Centi Centi vakomana – By the Harare Mambo’s band”. These well thought and meaningful and touching messages have a tendency to permanently embed in peoples minds for a lifetime. This is the reason why marketing messages used in advertising must be properly planned, worded, tested and presented in order to build, maintain and sustain perennial brand loyalty like the one enjoyed by Coca Cola the world over.

I can still vividly remember the Lever Brothers’s Stock Margarine Advert when we were growing up in preZimbabweera. One broadcasting presenter asked an old rural woman from Masvingo about what she thought of Stock Margarine. When he asked the old woman to narrate how stock margarine tested, the old woman stated “Mwana wangu, Ko iwe hauiwhiwo here, munyu wacho wakanyatsoti chechetere zvekuti kana usina meno unongodhla wakatsinzina.

The onus is on you advertisers not to just wake up and post a half-baked, hastily thought advertising messages for your current and potential customers to see. Efforts must be expended in designing messages that will have a lifetime impact on parents and children alike. Last but not least the product or service must deliver what is claimed of it, quality, quality , quality, it does not matter whether it comes from the East or West as long as it passes the Test.

MasTechnologies Group

www.zimmarket.com www.facebook.com/ZimMarket




“We did not invent online classifieds – we only made them available to you.”

Weekly Marketing Tips

New Service Introduction – Contact Us – Feedback Form

At ZimMarket – Zimbabwe Market Place, we are totally devoted and committed to servicing our clients to their satisfaction. In this regard and in pursuance of this Company’s noble goal, we have set-up a feedback mechanism that will help us ensure that there is constant flow of information between our staff and our clients.

Located at the bottom of the top half of our home page, you will find under the heading, Contact Us – Feedback, a form that you can fill-in and submit . As soon as our staff members receive your submission, they will give it the utmost attention that it deserves. You will get your email response within 24 hours, at the latest.

Your submission might be a question, suggestion , testimonial or comment, we will endeavour to treat them equally the same and you will be informed accordingly .

I hope that you will enjoy this new service and I would like to thank you for visiting our website

We have put in place this service at ZimMarket and likewise at our sister websites.

www.zimmarket.com www.zimbabwe-classifieds.com www.africa-classifieds.com

Let us know how we are doing.

Weekly Marketing Tips – By ZimMarket

ZimMarket is Technologically Empowering Zimbabwe’s Businesses & Individuals


Technologically Empowering Zimbabwe’s Businesses & Individuals so that they will be capable of easily selling their products and services online from their cellphones without leaving their home, office or farming land.


We are dynamically transforming the way we do business by embracing the latest technological advancements that are unfolding in our Global Village ( the world) . In the comfort of wherever you are, we make it possible for you to unleash the power of technology by simply creating an account on our website from yourr cellphone in less than five minutes and post whatever you want to sell. Advertise online and for free withZimMarket, Zimbabwe-Classifieds and Africa Classifieds .

www.zimmarket.com www.zimbabwe-classifieds.com www.africa-classifieds.com

The primary motive of any aspiring business entrepreneur, to go into business, is the profit motive. Needless to mention that if they anticipate their product or service to generate them adequate revenues to sustain them in their business venture, their product or service must possess the capacity to satisfy human needs or wants.

To this extent the business entrepreneur has to come up with either a completely new innovation or a modified and improved version of a current product or service in order to beat competitors or be competitive enough to grab a portion of their market share from a given market.

It cannot be overemphasized that no amount of deceitful advertising, nefarious marketing gimmicks or counterfeit sales promotional programs can successfully sell a bad product. The truth will soon come out and your clients will sooner than later catch up with your unsavory marketing acrobatics.

Having to create, establish and maintain a sound customer service relationship with your clients is not enough by itself. You have to jealously and affectionately maintain that fragile relationship by mapping out and implementing satisfactory customer retention strategies and techniques to keep customers unquestionably loyal to your brand.

Once again, like the old adage goes, “ The customer is king “ . Hate it or like it, this age-old saying is undeniably the universal truth in any business relationship found in this universe or rather this global village that we find ourselves. Treat your customers dearly and they will equally treat you well with their business or maltreat them at your peril.


Joel Masuka

IT & Marketing Consultant :Toronto,Canada

Founder, Owner and Webmaster :




Email : techwiz@zimtechinfo.com

Know where to advertise your products for Free!!! Without breaking a Bank

Persistent business headaches for executives the world over is how to drive sales revenue figures up, employing advertising channels that are comparatively non-exor…

bitant and to which return on investment justifies the means .

At the present moment, in Zimbabwe there is nothing more comforting and consoling to the business executives than to discover that they can justifiably take advantage of ZimMarket’s Free!!! advertising promotion.

For the 2 months running from October to November 2012 ZimMarket has decided to promote its business clients current and potential by giving them an incredible unlimited & Free!!! Advertising space. This pre-Christmas promotion is aimed at cushioning businesses from marketing costs so they may likewise pass the benefit to their customers.

As usual businesses are being allowed to upload a maximum of 3 images to accompany each and every advert that they submit. What could be better than Free!!! in a world that has both traditional and online advertising costs spiralling beyond unprecedented levels ever witnessed in humankind.

In an effort to continually serve you better ZimMarket recently opened a Facebook page
which you may easily access by searching online on google for : Facebook.com/ZimmarketClassifieds In addition to sharing business information with your potential clients and other businesses on Facebook you may also post your business logo’s and adverts on ZimMarket’s Facebook wall.


See More


Like in everything else nowadays you cannot survive in a business of whatever magnitude or nature without advertising what you are selling.

It does not matter whether you are selling locally, nationally , regionally or internationally neither does it matter whether you are selling a needle or a Jumbo Jet nor you live in an underdeveloped , developing or developed country. It all boils down to one logical business conclusion – Your products or services need to be known and for that matter to be known very intimately by your existing and potential customers . Remember knowledge is power and product knowledge is more powerful for the consumer to be able to make informed and educated decisions.


Gone are the days of assuming that a “ good wine needs no bush”. Due to the high global technological developments and the vast international market having been amalgamated into a single global village, business competition has reached or even surpassed alarming levels . The majority of companies are churning out the most convenient, superior quality and more efficient products and services ever witnessed by humankind. For those backward and parasitic international companies still producing inferior , sub-standard and even dangerous products – the writing is on the wall – they will naturally disappear like their fellow fake fly-by-night companies.

The myriad of products and services that face consumers when they go out shopping in convenience stores , the malls or Online is , to say the least, astounding. Hence the need and justification of an audacious, deliberate and perennial advertising policy in order to inform and educate existing and potential customers. It goes without saying that advertising has now than ever before evolved into a cornerstone and foundation of all businesses, big or small alike, without which companies will unavoidably suffer inevitable extinction from business and driven into oblivion.

The business solution to this status-quo of cut-throat competition currently prevailing in the business markets is to decisively adopt a competitive positive attitude to advertising and map out strategies of how to reach your audiences and target markets in a cost-effective manner.

Once more and fortunately ZimMarket handsomely comes to your resque and is at your disposal . ZimMarket is currently offering FREE!!! Online advertising space for those who do not want to fall by the wayside in business. You can visit us on :

Website : www.zimmarket.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZimmarketClassifieds

STAND OUT IN A CROWD – Online Advertising with ZimMarket Classifieds


In this highly technological era that we find ourselves, Corporate Online advertising aim at their respective target markets to enable companies to yield optimum results from their deliberate and sustained marketing campaigns.

Online advertising has universally become the vital cornerstone of every Company’s Marketing Mix. As we all know in Marketing that besides having the right Place, the right Price and the right Packaging, equally critical is the right Promotional Medium through which you reach your audience.

This is where ZimMarket Classifieds comes into your Company’s Marketing Mix. We provide you with the FREE Ad space that will help distinguish you from the rest of the pack – that is why we say – for continued successes in business you mustStand Out In a crowd .

Post your ads for free and cut down on your overall marketing costs by following the link below :


We did not invent Online Advertising – We only made it available to you through ZimMarket Classifieds.

We take this opportunity to thank our advertisers for their continued support.



Weekly Marketing Release By ZimMarket

ZimMarket Classifieds is an Online Classifieds Advertisement Website offering advertisement space to Companies, and individuals who would want to market their products ,services, events online.

Our advertisement space consists of a Featured category that scrolls across the header of the website and the regular listed categories. In addition to information for your product or service that you may post in your advert , you are also allowed to upload up-to 3 images to accompany your advert.

Instructions on how to post your advert are located on the “Post Your Advert” tab on the website’s front page. The process of posting your advert normally takes between 2-5 minutes depending on your network speed and other factors if you are uploading any images.

We heavily promote our website to ensure that your adverts will always get the maximum exposure when major search engine robots crawl the internet.

You can visit ZimMarket Classifieds at the following link : www.zimmarket.com . If you have any questions or special needs concerning online our online advertising services feel free to email us at: info.zimmarket@gmail.com
You can directly call one of our senior Representatives based in Harare :

Norman Masiya – 011 263 -775216823
Kennedy Makore – 011 263 -733825043

” We did not invent online classifieds-we only made them available to you.


Moving With The Times – Moving With ZimMarket – Zimbabwe Market Place
Like everything else in this world , the world of marketing is changing and changing very fast. A Marketing or Advertising Manager is ultimately responsible for making a difference between success or failure for his Company depending on which overall or specific marketing strategies he/she adopts in this high-tech global environment that we find ourselves. The universal truth in the business world is that no company will survive without the cash register ringing – and ringing enough to cover your costs and yield you a profit.
In order to maintain a reasonable degree of sales to sustain profitability , effective and efficient marketing channels must be employed and to this extent we briefly try to have a close look at the status quo in media used in the world of marketing.
Today, Internet use in Zimbabwe and elsewhere has become a major medium of communication and entertainment . The traditional marketing methods like newspapers, televisions, radio and magazines will in the near future become the media of yesteryear .
Therefore, to survive in our businesses, we must all move and stay with the times by employing the currently popular internet technologies in our marketing endeavours namely Online Advertising .
This is where we once again come into to your marketing mix – Zimbabwe Market Place – ZimMarket Classifieds



ZimMarket – Internet Searches for products and services drive business to your doorstep

ZimMarket Classifieds – Internet Searches for products and services drive business to your doorstep
Any online search about “Zimbabwe classifieds”, using any online search engine found on the internet will always retrieve millions of entries within the results and ZimMarket Classifieds is as always displaying on the first page of the results.You would not want to advertise on websites that will display your company’s advert on page number 999 of search results.
We do not claim to be what we are not – you can test-search it by yourself.
If you are a serious business and profit oriented executive you would always want to cut your operational costs by advertising on a Zimbabwean Classifieds website that is most popular and let alone Free. ZimMarket Classifieds provides you with both – so why go to those fly-by-night classifieds websites
Through the expertise and an extensive wealth of experience that we possess in both Marketing and IT Technologies we are poised to deliver on our promise on your behalf. We are persistently fine-tuning our search engine optimization strategies in order to maintain our top position on all your customers’ searches for products or services advertised on Zimbabwe Classifieds websites.
ZimMarket Classifieds is committed to help place you at a competitive business advantage vis-à-vis your competitors in this cyberspace business war. It does not matter whether you are looking for something to buy or wanting to sell something online, you are going to be equally satisfied
Advertise with ZimMarket Classifieds in order to achieve verifiable and tangible results which you can test-search yourselves within a few hours of posting your Advert . Join the winners , the high-profile companies and individuals who advertise with ZimMarket Classifieds




Are you struggling to sell your Products and Services? This is a problem that we take care for you. This is why we are there for you. Do not forget the 4 Ps of Marketing, Product, Price, Place and Promotion . ZimMarket Classifieds specializes in the last of the 4 p’s and we leave you to take care of the rest. . “ Linking Buyers To Sellers Is Our Business”. Post your adverts on our websites and start reaping the benefits, www.zimmarket.com , www.zimbabwe-classifieds.com , www.1zimbiz.com “We have you covered.”
By Joel Masuka – Founder And Webmaster of ZimMarket Classifieds Group

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